Formation of the USSR and Communism

Edosphere discusses the USSR and Communism in a GCSE context, demonstrating how this ideology and nation ushered in a new era of Russian history.

The Cold War

Edosphere follows the ups and downs of the Cold War, a crucial period for understanding the present age - and for acing your GCSE History Exam.

The French Revolution

The Edosphere writers give a detailed blow-by-blow account of the French Revolution and how to do well in your GCSE essays.

The Napoleonic Wars

We present a brief on the Napoleonic Wars, with a discussion of Napoleon's rule and demise. It also demonstrates how to be concise...

The Norman Conquest

Edosphere narrates the Norman Conquest, an important event in English history.

World War II

Edosphere condenses the Second World War into a gripping retelling of the war that claimed millions of lives.

The American Civil War

With an epic war comes an epic article. Edosphere discusses life during the American Civil War and the events that followed in the struggle for the abolition of slavery.

World War I

Edosphere talks about the Great War which claimed millions of lives. Hopefully it won't take away your 9 in History.

We like studying (*not too much tho).

We understand how difficult it is to study for your GCSEs and A-levels. Therefore Edosphere exists to help you achieve what your ideal grades. Don't let your dreams remain dreams. Go Edosphere.

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