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The website has begun. Hopefully this is the beginning of something truly special. Check out our new articles, edited and uploaded today.


The Edosphere Team


Those who have been actively following our website will have noticed a shift to the new website name, due to our new hosting arrangement with GitHub. Updates as are follows:

- Leave a note function now works properly
- you can now see the new login and register pages under construction
- articles are being gradually shifted to the new standardised format.

More is to come.

Yours always,

The Edosphere Team.


We are gradually rolling out Article Version 2.1.1, our new format for our articles. An adaptive section navigation bar is being gradually rolled out. Stay tuned for updates.

Have fun browsing,

Programmers of the Edosphere team.


Version 2.1.2 has landed. It brings back to top links, clickable slideshows and a taster button on the main site. Moreover, we would like to let you know that we are using Google Analytics to improve our services. Soon we will appear on Google, and hopefully, things get more interesting. Our next objective would be to create a search bar. Do email us if you are interested in helping out.

Enjoy yourself,

The Edosphere Team


With the new academic year looming, we are working on yet another set of history articles to practically complete the syllabus. Moreover, today we are celebrating the beginning of our existence on Google. Here are some statistics so far:

1. 600 individual page views
2. 90 users globally
3. 800% growth in user numbers this week

We have reached an exciting phase in the website's development, so we have decided to step it up with a GDPR-compliant cookies policy, full terms and conditions and a valid privacy policy.

We would also like to hear feedback from YOU to see what other subject we should do. Your feedback enables us to improve our services.

We are motivated by your support of this website. Please spread it amongst your friends and social circles; it spurs us onwards.

We hope to hear what you think.

From us at Edosphere.